About Us

About Us

Objective to Organize Entente MUN

Entente MUN 2019 aims to bring out the best in every delegate.

To acquaint youth with the rules & procedure and develop an insight into the working of the UN

•To train students in the technique of group discussion & to develop in students an ability to arrive at a decision after the discussion.

•It is a platform to discuss the international issues on a larger scale in a proper forum and in front of the experienced moderators.

•To encourage the youth to engage with public issues form their opinions and express it in an articulate manner.

•To develop and enhance decision making abilities and a unique ideological set

•To develop in them an understanding that respect for rules is essential for conducting any discussion systematically and effectively.

•To obtain and document their opinions on Vision of convalescent India.

•To make available their views to policy makers and implementer to take it.

Objective of Entente Organisation

1. Organizing educational programs.

2. Increase the self confidence of youth.

3. Improve the presentation skills of youth.

4. Spread Awareness and enhance the knowledge of global issues .

5.Personality Development.

We will make our society a better place to live for our future generations, Like:

1. Planting trees.

2. Spreading awareness to the poor of their rights and benefits provided by the government of India.
3.Distributing food , clothes and stationary items to the needy.

4. spreading awareness of child education.

Any one want to join hands with us for these social causes can contact us.